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Mental Health

Norris AODA Evaluation and Treatment Services

The Counseling and Consultation Services Unit of Norris Health Center offers voluntary, short-term Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) evaluation and treatment services. These services include AODA assessments for students who have questions or concerns regarding their use of alcohol or other substances. For those students desiring treatment of an identified substance use problem, short-term weekly counseling sessions are also offered. For students whose substance abuse problems require intensive AODA services, referrals to community resources are provided. The Counseling Unit also offers an open-ended weekly AODA group for individuals desiring a group experience as a part of their recovery process. Norris does not offer medications designed specifically for drug detoxification or maintenance.

Additional On-Campus Programs and Related Links

Make Good Decisions (MGD)

Conceptualized by UWM students for UWM students, the Make Good Decisions campaign aims to provide students with the information and tools that they need to avoid the negative consequences of substance use and to foster a community where students look out for one another and act responsibly to prevent alcohol and other drug-related problems for themselves and their peers.



The Alcohol and your College Experience (ACE) Program offers education, cognitive-behavioral skills, norms clarification, and motivational enhancement to individuals who are at-risk for experiencing or causing issues related to their personal alcohol use. Participants may be self-referred, referred by University Police or other law enforcement agencies, or mandated to participate by University Housing or other University administrators. Program participants will attend one group seminar/alcohol skills class and will meet individually with the ACE Program Coordinator for one personalized feedback session.



This anonymous online alcohol assessment provides users with personalized feedback regarding their individual drinking patterns, experiences, and risk factors


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