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Campus Parnterships

Athletics Campus Mental Health Task Force
Chancellor Santiago appointed a Campus Mental Health Task Force in the fall of 2008. The charge of the committee was to comprehensively review and analyze the data collection and needs assessment of the Counseling Subcommittee Report of President Reilly's Security, the Governor's Report on Security, the results of the System mental health services audit and additional data from NCHA and other surveys, reports and research to create a complete picture of the current status of the mental health delivery services and mental health needs of UWM's diverse student population. In December of 2008 the task force created a preliminary report which was shared with the campus community. The final report was presented to the Chancellor and Cabinet in May 2010 and to Interim Chancellor Lovell in December of 2010. The recommendation of the report that a Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Mental Health be created was realized with the appointment of the Co-Chairs of this Committee in January of 2011.

Reports (PDF files):
Athletics Athletics
Phone: (414) 229-1122
UW-Milwaukee has a heritage of success in NCAA Division I athletics. In addition to several recent Horizon League Championships, the Panthers also placed 66 young people on the most-recent conference Academic Honor Roll.

Black & Gold Commission Black & Gold Commission
The UWM Black and Gold Committee oversees and coordinates the implementation of "Investing in UWM's Students", the report of the 2001-02 Black and Gold Commission.

B.O.S.S. B.O.S.S.
Phone: (414) 229-6503
Be On the Safe Side provides van transportation to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students as a core component of UWM's commitment to campus safety. B.O.S.S. functions to promote a safe environment for members of the UWM community to live, work and study.

Campus Police Campus Police
Phone: (414) 229-4627
The University Police Department is located in the West Tower of the Sandburg Residence Hall and reports to the Division of Administrative Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The mission of the University Police Department is to provide essential law enforcement, emergency and protective services to University students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Career Development Center Career Development Center
Phone: (414) 229-4486
Whether you're choosing your major or your first professional career; or changing your career for the first time or the seventh time, you can use the Career Development Center and its resources to guide your journey. The journey of self and career exploration can help you to achieve a better career fit.

Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership
Phone: (414) 229-3161
The mission of the Center for Volunteerism & Student Leadership (CVSL) is to foster an ethic of service and leadership within the UW-Milwaukee campus community by promoting and supporting volunteerism that addresses human and social needs.

Office of Risk Management Office of Risk Management
Phone: (414) 229-6339
Information which should answer many questions for students relating to health insurance, accidents, liability and automobiles

Klotsche Center Department of Recreational Sports and Facilities
Front Desk Phone: (414) 229-5287
The Department of Recreational Sports and Facilities serves the campus by providing many interscholastic and intramural sports and fitness-related courses at UWM.

CHS:  Human Movement Sciences - Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) CHS: Human Movement Sciences - Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP)
The Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) is offered by CHS' Department of Human Movement Sciences in cooperation with the UWM Athletics Department and Norris Student Health Center.

Office of Student Life Office of Student Life
Phone: (414) 229-4632
Through its programs and services UW-Milwaukee's Office of Student Life (OSL) provides a holistic approach to student development that includes social, intellectual, emotional, physical, and cultural growth. OSL models leadership, responsibility, service, and respect for diversity by providing a framework for purposeful and meaningful experiences that empower students to reach their full potential.

Peer Mentoring Center Peer Mentoring Center
Phone: (414) 229-5385
The UWM Peer Mentoring Center is a campus resource run for and by students. Come to the PMC for a sympathetic ear, help with your assignments, writing, or study skills, to learn how to balance your time better, how to use a computer, or just to meet some friendly people. Walk-ins welcome; appointments available.

Student Activities Office Student Activities Office
Whether you are new to UWM or have been around for years, the Student Activities Office can assist you with your student organization needs and help you make the most of your extracurricular experience at UWM.

University Legal Clinic University Legal Clinic
Phone: (414) 229-4140
UWM has four staff attorneys, each of whom is available to assist UWM faculty, staff, and administrators on legal matters.

Women's Resource Center Women's Resource Center
Phone: (414) 229-2852
The WRC enhances awareness and understanding at UWM of the diversity of women's lives and experiences, and the role gender plays in everyone's life.

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