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Norris Staff Directory

We are very proud of our experienced, dedicated staff. All of our physicians are board certified.

Click on a name to learn more about an individual staff member.

          Bonner, Julia - M.D.
          Siddiqi, Aamir - M.D.
Administrative and IS Support
          Ferenz, Jeannette - Purchasing
          Gomez, Alfred - MBA, SPHR
          Dupont, Paul - Ph.D.
          Graham, JoAnne - Ph.D.
          Henrickson, Heather - Ph.D.
          Johnson Browne, D. - Ph.D.
          Lipusch, Claudia - M.D.
          Matthias, Michael - M.S.W.
          Mucha, Lynn - MSW, BSW
          Perkins, Cathy - M.D.
          Ramsden, Jane - LPC
Health Promotion Services
          Belstock, Sarah - MSPH
          Bernstein, Colleen - RN, BSN
          Stahlkopt, Brian - MS, LPC
          Hartter, Nancy - MT, ASCP
          Karl, Terry - MLS, ASCP
          Keller, Claudia - MLS, ASCP
          O'Malley, Katie - MLS, ASCP
Medical Assistants
          Waedekin, Cynthia - CMA
Medical Doctors
          Koren, Cindy - D.O.
          Moser, Barbara - MD
Nurse Practitioners
          Buggy, Ellen - MSN
          Schmidt, Ann - FNP
          Skinner, Joyce - RN, MSN,FNP
Patient Support Services
          Becker, Beth K - MBA, RHIA
          Kidd, Betty - RPh
          Stroupe, Phil - RPh
Registered Nurses
          Brickler, Kari - RN, BSN
          Brock, Rebecca - RN
          Wortman, Linda - RN
Sports Medicine
          Ochsenwald, John - MS, ATC, LAT


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