Active Funded Projects

Investigators Project Title Funding Agency Project Period

Mary Jo Baisch

Family Connectedness for New & Expectant Mothers
HWPP/CHW Community Services
04/13/13 to 09/12/14
Mary Jo Baisch
United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee Initiative for Healthy Families
HWPP/CHW Community Services
07/01/13 to 06/30/15
Jennifer Doering (Co-I), Hammel (CHW/MCW, PI), et al
Improving home visitor response to post partum depression
01/01/14 to 12/31/15

Anne Dressel

The Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment (CARE)

US Environmental Protection Agency

10/1/11 to 04/01/14

Institute for Urban Health Partnerships (IUHP)
Healthy Daycares
Wisconsin Asthma Coalition
09/01/13 to 08/31/14
Institute for Urban Health Partnerships (IUHP)
The Milwaukee Partners for Healthcare Access and Student Education (PHASE II) Initiative
US Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) Nurse Education, Practice and Retention Program
07/01/09 to 06/30/14
Institute for Urban Health Partnerships (IUHP)
Wisconsin Well Woman/WISEWOMAN Program: Outreach, Health Education, Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Care Management Services for Un-and/or Underinsured Women in the Milwaukee Area
State of Wisconsin through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for the Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP)/WISEWOMAN
07/01/13 to 06/30/14
Teresa Johnson
Centering Pregnancy with WFH-AS
HWPP/UW-Madison Medical School
04/01/13 to 03/31/15
Teresa Johnson
Racine-Kenosha Birthing Project
HWPP/UW-Madison Medical School
04/01/13 to 03/31/15
Christine Kovach
Feasibility Testing of a Protocol to Stop Ineffective and Unneeded Drug and Non-Drug Treatments
Jewish Home Care/Helen Bader Foundation/Retirement Research Foundation
01/01/14 to 12/31/14
Polly Ryan (collaborating with Marquette/MCW)
Efficacy of a m-Health Self-Management Intervention
09/01/12 to 08/31/15
Rachel Schiffman (Site PD), Ann Greer (UWM- L&S), David Stack (UWM-UITS), & Scott Strath (UWM-CHS)*
Clinical and Translational Science Award (U54)
Medical College of Wisconsin P/C
07/01/10 to 3/31/15
Sandra Million-Underwood
B'CAUSSE Project - an ACS & Kohl Breast Cancer Intervention Grant
05/01/13 to 06/30/14
Sandra Million-Underwood
Partners in Pursuit of the Promise
Komen (Susan G) for The Cure
06/01/13 to 03/31/15
Sandra Million-Underwood
WWWP African American Hispanic Outreach
Wisconsin Well Woman Program 2013-2014
07/01/13 to 06/30/14
Sandra Million-Underwood
Kohl's Breast Cancer Initiative, Community Health Worker Objective
American Cancer Society
06/04/10 to 07/31/14

* The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin is a consortium of eight educational and clinical organizations. The PI is Reza Shaker (MCW). The individuals listed above are collaborators from UWM only. Similar teams exist at each of the partner organizations.