Office of Undergraduate Research

The UROP Process

The process begins when faculty are interested in undergraduate participation in their research projects. These faculty either post their research projects here on our website, or make the OUR office aware of research for which they are actively recruiting undergraduate participation.

On this website, students are able to view project titles, descriptions, and their potential responsibilities within these projects. We currently have more than 80 active projects for undergraduates to choose from. Students are able to select 3-5 research projects on their applications and submit them online.

Next, the applicants are interviewed by our office. During the interview:

  • The students most recent transcript is reviewed
  • The students project selections are discussed in greater detail (minimum student qualifications, special considerations, the number of hours they would be required to commit weekly, etc.)

We also discuss the OUR program in depth with students to ensure they are truly prepared to commit to a faculty-led research experience. If their first interview with the OUR is successful, we then submit the students application materials to faculty for their review. Once the materials are reviewed, the faculty let us know if they would be willing to meet with the student and, if they are, we forward the faculty's contact information to the student that they may schedule an interview.

If the faculty interview is successful and they accept the student into their research project, our office registers the student for their UROP Apprenticeship. Students are registered in a UROP course number (which already exist in many departments) or an appropriate independent study number. Because this is a credit-bearing experience, faculty assign grades to the student at the end of each semester. Students are able to continue on with the research for as long the faculty is willing!

The number of credits a student receives depends on the number of hours they work with their faculty mentor per week. The credit breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 credit = 3 hrs per week (45 semester hours)
  • 2 credits = 6 hrs per week (90 semester hours)
  • 3 credits = 9 hrs per week (135 semester hours)

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to our program. Freshman and sophomore students, in addition to their research experience, are required to attend the UROP Seminar instructed by our Associate Director, Kyla Moore. This seminar:

  • Is a one-credit course
  • Provides new researchers with tools to be successful within their research placements
  • Provides any additional support the student may need as they become acclimated to undergraduate research here at UWM

Students who participate in our program are very highly motivated and eager to gain faculty mentors! They understand how beneficial this program is for their future academic and professional goals, and the majority plan to attend graduate school using this experience as a stepping stone to achieving that goal.

Please fell free to browse our current project listings and to submit a project of your very own! Contact Kyla Moore, Associate Director of the OUR at for additional information.