Office of Undergraduate Research

Grants for Indpendent Overseas Research

Grant applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • academic record (applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA)
  • soundness of the research plan
  • relevance of the research to the student’s academic and career aspirations
  • language competence if required for research project
  • evidence that the research project will be an intercultural experience
  • letters of recommendation

A faculty advisor must be identified by the student when the application is submitted, and must indicate written agreement to act as advisor (see attached agreement). Faculty advisors will be responsible for advising students in developing their research projects, assisting them in developing overseas research affiliations, guiding them through institutional and, in some cases, international research approval processes, and evaluating their work. Research projects that are credit-bearing are encouraged but not required.

The independent overseas research scholarships are being awarded to:

  • encourage students with prior research experience to expand their knowledge base with similar experiences in an overseas setting;
  • foster faculty/student relationships through close collaboration on a specific overseas research project;
  • provide a dual learning experience, both disciplinary and intercultural, that will prepare students for the increasingly international contexts of both graduate programs and employment markets; and
  • enable students with academic aspirations to begin to build their personal international research networks.

Please visit the Center for International Educations's Study Abroad page for more information.