Office of Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to the winners of the outstanding presentation awards at the 14th Annual UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity:

Aleksey Yermakov  UW-Milwaukee Magnetostrictive Properties of Nanocellulose
Terfenol-D Film Composite
Chiu Tai Law, Electrical Engineering Rani Elhajjar, Civil Engineering
and Mechanics
Ari Stone   UW-Milwaukee Effects of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors on Viability
and Maturation of Tumor-Induced Myeloid-Derived
Suppressor Cells
Douglas A. Steeber, Biology
Emily Gerstein UW-Milwaukee Using Kites in Aerial Near-Infrared Imaging of
Nuisance Cladophora along Coastal Lake Michigan
Thomas Consi, Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Blum, Ashley Grant, Jordan Grapentine,
Sarah Londo and Alex Wilson 
UW-Green Bay Phoenix GPS: A Wholistic College Transition
Approach for Underrepresented Students
Denise Bartell, Human Development
Joshua Gustafson  UW-River Falls How to Horror: The Differences Between American
and Japanese Horror
Lissa Schneider-Rebozo, English/URSCA Office
Katherine Jinkins UW-Platteville) Examination of Humidity Effects on Measured
Thickness and Interfacial Phenomena of Exfoliated
Graphene on SiO2 via AC-AFM
Yan Wu, Engineering Physics, Jorge Camacho, Mechanical Engineering,  Lee Farina, Engineering Physics
Maya McCarthy-Neal and Ryan
UW-Milwaukee Racialized Campaigns in the States: New Questions and
New Evidence
Paru Shah, Political Science
Melady Vue, Tristen Back and Jessica Valdespino UW-Eau Claire
Campus Racial Climate Elena Izaksonas, Social Work
Natalie Kellerman UW-La Crosse At Risk as Disrespect: The Experience of Black Male
Youth in Wisconsin
 Peter Marina, Sociology
Nisrit Pandey  UW-Milwaukee) Viscosity of Electrolyte Solutions in Low Temperature Environments. Benjamin Church, Materials Science
and Engineering
Rachel Davis UW-Milwaukee ArtCycle Milwaukee Michael Bernard, Peck School of the Arts -
Art & Design - Jewelry/Metals
Ryan Ruegsegger  UW-River Falls
China’s Dairyman
Lissa Schneider-Rebozo, English
Sam Reiswig and Brentton Paulus  UW-Superior Microcontroller Based Fraction Collector Sergei Bezrukov, Math and Computer Science
Scott Frazier UW-Milwaukee Comparison of Grip Pressure between Pipe Wrench
and Ergonomically Designed Wrench During Wrenching
Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan,
Industrial Engineering
Taylor Atkinson, Sarah Przybylski, Alicia Meis,
Isabela Caulkins and Brittany Erickson
UW-Stevens Point Got Chlorophyll-The Investigation of Two
Chlorophyll-Deficient Mutants in Soybean
Devinder Sandhu, Biology
Yuqi She  UW-Oshkosh Quaternary Metal Oxide Investigation for
Water Splitting
Jennifer Schuttlefield-Christus, Chemistry
Honorable Mentions
Marion Titze, Jacob Bogenschuetz, Willard D. Robbins III UW-Whitewater The Development of a Cold Atmospheric Pressure Pulsed Plasma Reactor; To Achieve Surface Modification Using the Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation Method  Jalal Nawash, Physics
Kassandra Hodges UW-Whitewater My Wellness Manager-User Interactions with m-Health Technology Alana Platt, IT and Supply Chain Management
Nastacia Smith UW-Milwaukee Hippocampal Protein Degradation is Required for the Consolidation of Context Memories Fred Helmstetter, Neuroscience
Michael Kaul UW-Milwaukee Preparation and Thermal Analysis of Dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 Based Ternary Ionic Liquids (TILs) Mark Dietz, Chemistry
Ellen Abolt  and Samantha Wanta UW-Milwaukee /eɪ/ vs. /e/ in Non-Native Productions of Spanish and English Hanyong Park, Linguistics
Rachel Boraca UW-Parkside An Examination of Auditory Experience and Change Deafness to Natural Scenes Melissa Gregg, Psychology
Tyler Peters, Craig Beer,  UW-Stevens Point Bivariate mathematical induction for n-consecutive game athletic schedules Andrew Felt, Mathematical Sciences
Jake Burkard UW-Milwaukee The Necessity of Gap Junction Communication in Extinction of a Cocaine Seeking Memory Devin Mueller, Psychology
Jud Riggins UW-Milwaukee Pollution Tracking Buoyancy Controlled Robot Tom Consi, Mechanical Engineering
Molly Bray UW-Eau Claire
Oxygen Use at the End of Life: Attitudes and Beliefs Survey in Wisconsin Dr. Quinn-Lee, Social Work and Dr. Moch, Nursing
Chee Her, Katherine Santell and Jamison Ellis UW-Milwaukee The Wisconsin Farming Oral History Project: Urban Gardening and its Role in Shaping Milwaukee Jasmine Alinder, Urban Studies

2015 Full Program

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