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Joseph Ulicki, SURF Student Summer 2009
"The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program has been extremely beneficial to me over the past two years by not only giving me the opportunity to conduct research at the university, but also providing me a steady job for the majority of my undergraduate career.  I was awarded the summer SURF award in 2008 and began research in the field of Organic Chemistry.  At that time, my major was Biochemistry and I needed research credits to graduate so I took it upon myself to apply for the award.  Upon receiving the award, I found myself extremely interested in the research that I was conducting.  Today, I am a Graduate Student here at UWM. I firmly believe if it were not for the UROP summer SURF award I might have never discovered my interest in Organic Chemistry research.  If I could go back and change one thing, I would have discovered it at an earlier stage in my academic career since it was the factor that propelled me to new academic heights."

Faculty Mentor: M. Mahmun Hossain (Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Brønsted acid catalyzed C-C bond formation via Tandem Mannich Reaction

Leah Squires, UROP Student Fall 2008, SURF Student Spring 2009
"The support I have received from the Office of Undergraduate Research throughout this past year has provided me with an opportunity that I would not have otherwise had. I have been able to gain research experience and clinical skills while working in the Physical Activity and Health Research Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Ann Swartz. During my time working in the PAHRL, I interacted with research participants, individuals from the community, graduate students, a post-doctoral fellow, faculty and staff. I collected research data for ongoing projects and had the opportunity to develop and complete my own research project. Because of the quality and impact of my research, I plan to present the findings at regional and national conferences. I learned skills, obtained knowledge, and gained abilities that helped me grow academically and resulted in my acceptance to numerous highly ranked graduate programs."

Faculty Mentor: Ann Swartz (Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator)

Sarah Cervak, UROP Student 2006-2007
"In the microbiology lab, I gained friends that had similar educational interests and were able to give me helpful advice about classes and professors."

Faculty Mentor: Stefan Schnitzer (Assistant Professor, Biology)
Does Climate Change Alter Competition Between Plants: Implications for Forest Succession and the Global Carbon Budget

Natalie Jankowski, UROP Student 2006-2007
"UROP has done many things for me and I am thankful to have taken part in such a unique program. It has connected me with a JMC faculty member and let me explore the world of research all while continually learning new things."

Faculty Mentor: Barbara Ley (Assistant Professor, JMC)
Assembling Breast Cancer: Activism, Science, and the Environment

Leah Van Grinsven, UROP Student 2006-2007
"My favorite part of the lab was actually seeing and working with kids suffering from Williams syndrome and neurofibromatosis."

Faculty Mentor: Bonnie Klein-Tasman (Assistant Professor, Psychology)
Emotion Regulation in Children and Adolescents with Williams Syndrome

Jamie Muetzelburg, UROP Student 2006-2007
"Overall, I think this was a great tool for understanding what is ahead for me in graduate school. I really liked the one-on-one hands-on approach that this program offered."

Faculty Mentor: Diane Reddy (Professor, Psychology)

Desiree Smith, UROP Student 2006-2007
"I've had the opportunity to watch old Soap Operas from the 80s and even read original scripts from the 60s. I've also been able to use different research methods such as podcasts, library archives, databases, websites, and DVDs."

Faculty Mentor: Elana Levine (Assistant Professor, JMC)
History of the U.S. Daytime Soap Opera: In the U.S. and Around the World

Holly Lakey, UROP Student 2006-2007
"UROP has become the thing that I enjoyed most about this semester. Professor Galvao-Sobrinho has taught me so much and introduced me to new ideas and new resources that will be of use to me long after this particular project is completed. UROP has given me a back stage pass into sides of research careers that most students do not see."

Faculty Mentor: Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho (Assistant Professor, History)

Victoria Robison, UROP Student 2006-2007
"I am now able to approach my education in a new light, one which has made me realize the joy found in not knowing something and actively searching out the answers to a difficult problem. I feel that my experience in the program has been one of the most important and life-changing experiences thus far in college."

Faculty Mentor: Dyanna Czeck (Assistant Professor, Geosciences)
Unraveling the Process that Formed Wisconsin's Mountains

Sara Strunce, UROP Student 2006-2007
"I enjoyed getting to know a biology professor one-on-one because he taught me countless things about biology, zooplankton, and how to deal with college and other professors in general."

Faculty Mentor: Rudi Strickler (Professor, Biology)
Microfluidics and Planktonic Animals

Mandi Schaefer, UROP Student 2006-2007
"Not only have I learned an incredible amount about my major as well as my future career, I have also developed stronger communication skills."

Faculty Mentor: Sara Benesh (Associate Professor, Political Science)
Supreme Court Monitoring of Lower Courts in Cases Not Formally Decided

Heather Baker, UROP Student 2006-2007
"I like the size of the class and the non-traditional learning experiences that this entire program promotes."

Faculty Mentor: Caroline Seymour-Jorn (Assistant Professor, FICL)

Edgard Rincon, UROP Student 2006-2007
"The seminar and individual research opportunity presented an amazing outlet for me to thoroughly examine a critically relevant issue facing our nation's society. It has been my desire since I began, to utilize this research as a way to evolve and progress as a student and informed citizen."

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Peterson (Assistant Professor, Communication)
Families Coping with HIV: The Impact of a Mother's HIV Infection

Kasia Weina, UROP Student 2006-2007
"This program made me feel comfortable at UWM and really helped me have a great freshman year. I work with amazing people who have helped me in the lab, and also in school and life. My professor has not only showed me what real research entails, but he's also been a great friend who's guided me through my first year with ease."

Faculty Mentor: Rudi Strickler (Professor, Biology)
Microfluidics and Planktonic Animals