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PantherProf No Longer In Use
Please note that PantherProf is no longer in use by students as a means of sharing feedback about their course experiences. You can, however, still view data submitted by students between Fall 2004 and Fall 2006. To view that feedback, login with your ePantherID and password at the left.

What is PantherProf?
The PantherProf web tool is designed to help students learn from other students about their course experiences. This is a communication tool for students, not an evaluation tool of faculty and teaching staff. It will not replace the current course evaluation process.

Who can use PantherProf and when?
Students enrolled in the Fall 2006 semester were invited to log in between December 4 and December 22, 2006 to complete surveys on any and all of their Fall 2006 classes (primary sections only).

All students, faculty and staff with ePanther logins and passwords can log in beginning on January 29, 2007 to view reports of the student surveys.

Is PantherProf Anonymous?
Logins and passwords are required solely to permit only eligible students, faculty and staff to access the system. Students completing surveys will not be identified with survey results. All reports on the surveys will be anonymous.

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