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Join a Team

Building a team is a great way to participate in the Prowl with friends, family, co-workers, and fellow students while motivating each other. Each team will be photographed at the post-event party. All teams are strongly encouraged to collect pledges. Prizes will be awarded for most pledge dollars raised. Team registration should be arranged through the Team Captain(s).


Getting Started is Easy

  1. Use your team recruitment tools. 

    Let your friends and family know you are forming a team. To download recruitment tools (see links located to the right).

  2. Register your team.

    Team entry deadline is October 5.

  3. Ask for pledges, make your goal!

    Encourage your company to match your gifts!

Registering a Team: Here's How it Works!

The team captain should register first, thereby setting up the team. When doing so, enter your chosen team name under "Affiliation / Team Name" on the main registration screen. Then click "next" which takes you to another screen. You will be asked if you are the team captain, select "yes." Then finish your registration. Once complete, you team is official.

Next, have your team members signup. When they register, have them type in the team name under "Affiliation / Team Name." As soon as they start typing a drop box will appear with your team name. Have them select that and complete their registration. It's that easy! For more information, click on the "How to Register a Team" video to the right.

In order to participate as a team you must have 10 or more. This way you'll have a chance to win prizes. The deadline for team member entries is Oct. 5, no exceptions.

How Can I See Who Has Joined my Team?

The easiest way to see who has joined your team is to click on the registration status page. Then, next to affiliation, click on the arrow and the system will organize registrants by team. Scroll down until you see your team name.

I already registered but need to change my information or now want to join a team. How do I do this?

Participants can manage their own registration. Click here and then click on the "Manage My Registration" tab and type in your email and password which was sent to you in your confirmation email. You can make changes to any data. *Please note that the team registration deadline is October 5. No exceptions.