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AuthorityParking enforcement personnel and the University Police regularly patrol the campus to enforce regulations. Authority for these regulations and for the issuance of parking citations is derived from Chapter UWS 18.05 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

The Department of Transportation may refuse renewal of vehicle registration if tickets are not paid or appealed promptly.

Parking-Related Fines

Violation Forfeiture
No permit or improper permit for area $30

$35 (after 10 days)

Expired meter or exceeding time limit $35

$40 (after 10 days)

Improper parking in designated parking area $30

$35 (after 10 days)

Parking in DA space $200

$205 (after 10 days)

Parking in No Parking or reserved space $35

$40 (after 10 days)

Improper in-car-meter $10

$15 (after 10 days)

Fraudulent Permit $200

$205 (after 10 days)

Non-Parking Violation

Manipulation, with or without any instrument, gate card, object or device of any parking meter or parking gate component which facilitates the avoidance of paying the appropriate fee or letting someone else into or out of a restricted area $50

Parking violation fees are payable at the Parking & Transit Office in the Student Union WG25 unless appealed within 10 days.

Vehicles which accumulate unpaid citations and are found illegally parked on the campus will be towed away and stored at owner's expense. A vehicle remains on this enforcement list until all outstanding citations have been cleared from the Parking Department files. Students with excessive unpaid tickets are also subject to having an academic hold placed upon their records. An additional fee of $10.00 is assessed for all unpaid tickets referred to the Department of Transportation for suspension of motor vehicle registration.


Appeals are made in writing and submitted to the Parking and Transit office and must be received within 10 days of issuance of citation. Appeals may not be made in excess of 10 days. Appeals are forwarded to appeals officers; as such, verbal appeals will be insufficient for action by the Parking & Transit office.

Second-Level Appeal

If you feel that the reasons cited in denying an appeal are unsatisfactory, you may request a second-level appeal by calling 414-229-4000. Student second-level appeals are handled by the Student Court.