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Look Who's Talking about Online Tutoring

PASS director Dr. Johanna Dvorak spoke with Gene Mueller and Jodi Becker about PASS online tutoring on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller on 620 WTMJ-AM.  Listen in on how PASS online tutoring is making a name for itself in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller - PASS Online Tutoring


Fall 2013 PASS Orientation

We had a great start to the fall 2013 semester at the PASS SI leader and tutor orientation.  Associate Vice Chancellor welcomed our new SI leaders and tutors into the UWM community, and PASS Director Jonnie Dvorak and Student Service Coordinators Mary Knasinski and Nicole Heinen led activities to get PASS SI leaders and tutors ready for the new semester.  Additional guests included Dr. Kristen Murphy from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Kay Eilers from the Student Success Center, and Dr. Simone Conceicao from the Department of Administrative Leadership.  Thank you to our guests, SI leaders, and tutors for making our fall 2013 orientation a success!

Associate Vice Chancellor Phyllis King

Interactivity Workshops led by Dr. Johanna Dvorak and Kay Eilers

(Left) Associate Vice Chancellor welcomes new SI leaders and tutors  (Right) Interactivity workshop led by PASS Director Dr. Johanna Dvorak and Kay Eilers, Assistant Director of Transfer and Adult Student Success

Spring 2013 PASS Awards

Congratulations to our PASS award recipients for the spring 2013 semester.  Your dedication and service have made this semester a success!

Outstanding Commitment and Service

 Pierre C.                         Catherine L.                       Malena M.

Outstanding Tutorial Service

     Jordan B.              David D.              Dunya K.              Kari M.            Deborah W.

Jason Z.

Outstanding New Tutor

Sean B.                 Brandon F.                    Kelly S.                Miyuki T.

Outstanding SI Leader

              Antoine D.                  Ben D.                    Nicholas R.               Olivia W.

Outstanding New SI Leader

      Shiela C.              John C.                Jaime C.               Rishi S.                Mollie W.

Outstanding Administrative Service

  Shalyn S.                              Steven T.

Outstanding Online Tutor

 Taylor M.                             Austin W.

Certificate of Appreciation

  Stephen A.           Chris B.             Mark C.            Patrick C.            Alizee D.

 Jesus G.             Leah H.             Patrick M.            Elena L.           Beonca M.

 Nicholas N.           Anton P.          Mary Kate R.           Matt S.            Brianna S.

 Ally S.                Julia S.                Sarah S.             Michelle S.              Stacy V.

Thomas W.                                                Jacob W.

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2013 WLAN Conference at UWM

Thank you to all the presenters and participants that made this year's Wisconsin Learning Assistance Network (WLAN) conference a success.  Special thanks to the UWM Golda Meir Library, the UWM Bookstore, and UWM Parking and Transportation for providing accommodations and support.

Questions about the 2013 WLAN conference?  Please e-mail

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Fall 2012 PASS Awards

Congratulations to our PASS award recipients for the fall 2012 semester.  Your dedication and service have made this semester a success!

Outstanding Commitment and Service

                                                            Holly E.

Outstanding Tutorial Service

           Anthony B.             Naima H.                Vanessa R.                David S.

Outstanding New Tutor

           Jesus G.                    Kari M.                      James P.                      Tori S.

Outstanding SI Leader

                           Mark C.                      Som P.                    Stacy V.

Outstanding New SI Leader

 Sean B.              Kylateia F.               Eileen N.            Morgan P.            Mary Kate R.

 Outstanding Administrative Service

                                                           Katie M.

Outstanding Online Tutor

                                     Shady G.                              Ashley S.

Certificate of Appreciation

Amy B.                 Carol D.                  Tony D.                  Alice E.               Emily G.

               Seyed G.                Mitchell H.              Amelia H.            Jessica H.            

                Brian K.                  Austin K.                 Alin M.                Tres M.

               Drew M.              Mackenzie M.           Jennifer S.            Bianca W.

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PASS Earns 1st Place in 2012 NCLCA/LSCHE Website Competition

Panther Academic Support Services (PASS) has been awarded 1st place in a national website competition for college learning centers by the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) and Learning Support Centers in Higher Education (LSCHE)!  Overseeing the PASS website is Director Johanna Dvorak, graduate project assistant Ryan Bohn, and Gar Longworth, Communication & Media Relations.  Also instrumental in website development were PASS technology team members Kevin Roessger, Tehman Sheikh, and Diamond Lewis, PASS student service coordinators Mary Knasinski and Nicole Heinen, and Homer Hruby, Letters & Science (previous version).  The website is comprised of vibrant multimedia content and interactive tools that encourages UWM students to connect with PASS' Supplemental Instruction, tutoring, and online programs and services.  The site also provides links to college study strategies, educational apps for mobile devices, and connects students with many additional UWM departments that support academic success.

2012 NCLCA-LSCHE Website Excellence Award

Thank you to the NCLCA, LSCHE, and everyone who helped in the development of the PASS Website!

Spring 2012 PASS Awards

Congratulations to our PASS award recipients for the spring 2012 semester.  Your dedication and service have made this semester a success!

Outstanding Commitment and Service

                       Amelia H.                         Callie K.                         Lucas Y.

Outstanding Tutorial Service

                          Wei H.                         Taylor M.                       Christopher R.

Outstanding New Tutor

            John C.                    Sisco H.                          Joe H.                   Thomas W.

Outstanding SI Leader

   David D.              Jessica H.               Jacob W.              Arielle W.              Austin W.

Outstanding New SI Leader

      Dylan K.                    Patrick L.                                Tres M.                      Ally S.

 Outstanding Administrative Service

                                   Claire C.                                             Alin M.

Outstanding Online Tutor

                         Chrystal A.                 Stephanie C.                     Jeff S.

Certificate of Appreciation

  Christine R.               Kelli M.                Lena R.                Kayla F.              Caroline B.

    David S.                Abigail N.              Ashley H.            Kaleigh G.             Wesley D.

   Nicole S.                 Jared P.              Christian K.            Leah H.                  Carol D.

    Nick S.                 Anastasia j.            Kayla M.               Philip P.                  Nhi D.

                                                              Cameron S.

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Dr. Johanna Dvorak Receives NCLCA Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Johanna Dvorak Receives NCLCA Lifetime Acheivement AwardSince 2003, the NCLCA (National College Learning Center Association) Executive Board has honored learning center professionals who have contributed an extraordinary amount of service to the learning center profession. On September 29, 2011, NCLCA awarded PASS Director Dr. Johanna Dvorak with the NCLCA Lifetime Achievement Award. She is the fifth individual to receive this award. Dr. Dvorak's participation includes serving as MCLCA president from 1993-1994 and NCLCA president from 2003-2004. She also served as conference chair in 1990, 1993, and 2003. She was Summer Institute chair in 1995 and Institute presenter/mentor in 2004 and 2009. in addition, she has written articles for NCLCA's professional peer-reviewed journal, The Learning Assistance Review, and is an active NCLCA committee member. She is pictured with Technology Project Assistant Kevin Roessger (left) and Student Services Coordinator Mary Knasinski (right).

Congratulations Jonnie!

PASS Hires Nicole Heinen as Associate Student Services Coordinator

Nicole HeinenNicole Heinen joined the PASS staff on July 1st as our new Student Services Coordinator. Nicole is responsible for coordinating tutoring and Supplemental Instruction for courses in social sciences, humanities and foreign languages. She supervises PASS services in the Student Success Center and Residence Halls. Nicole worked as a student employee for PASS since transferring here as an undergraduate. She earned her Master's degree in Social Work from the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare in 2010. PASS was able to ask Nicole about her expectations and goals as the new Associate Student Services Coordinator:

PASS: What are you most excited about as the new Associate Student Services Coordinator?
NH: I am most excited to be able to work with all the students and help to connect them to our services, as well as other campus services, in hopes that it will empower them to succeed academically.

PASS: What are your goals for this role and for PASS?
NH: Personally, I would like to become more involved in campus activities, whether it is through committees or organizations.

One goal I have is to increase the awareness of our services, so that more students are informed that there is academic support for them in multiple ways here at UW-Milwaukee.

I want to continue our partnerships with the many departments and organizations on campus, especially working closely with the faculty and staff that support our Supplemental Instruction program.

Finally, I would love to see us continue to grow in size and numbers, as we have over the past few years.

Welcome Nicole!


PASS Earns NCLCA/LSCHE 2011 Website Second Place Award

Panther Academic Support Services (PASS) has been awarded second place in a national website competition for college learning centers by the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) and Learning Support Centers in Higher Education (LSCHE). UWM graduate student Ryan Bohn is the PASS website administrator and developer. Also instrumental in the website development were Gar Longworth, UITS, and former PASS Student Services Coordinator Katie Press. Content was also provided by the PASS staff: Johanna Dvorak, Mary Knasinski, Nicole Heinen and Kevin Roessger. Homer Hruby, Letters & Science, helped develop the previous version, which won Honorable Mention in 2009.

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PASS Supplemental Instruction Center Has Moved!

PASS's Supplemental Instruction Center has moved to the Golda Meir Library East Wing First Floor (LIB E170). Please enter through the east doors; we are directly behind the counter (formerly E-Reserve). PASS is no longer in Library WB42. Tutoring for math, physics, chemistry, and business courses is held nearby in the southeast area of the floor.

The Library E170 phone number is 414-229-3610.

Former PASS Employee News

Katie Press, former PASS Student Services Coordinator

Katie PressAs a Student Services Coordinator from March 2010-March 2011, Katie coordinated tutoring services for the humanities, foreign languages, and social sciences while assisting with the integration of technology into PASS programming. In addition, Katie was a PASS math tutor and was the coordinator for UWM's Panther Math Prep program. She also assisted the Student Success Center with various summer programming, including Summer Bridge and New Freshman Orientation. Katie is currently employed nearby at UW-Waukesha as an academic initiative program advisor. PASS was able to get in touch with Katie to ask her about her new role and to share advice with current UWM students:

PASS: What are the day-to-day responsibilities of your new position?
KP:I am responsible for advising students in the Academic Initiative program at UW-Waukesha.  The AI program is an admissions-based program, similar to AOC at UWM, and our students generally have lower ACT scores and/or lower GPAs in high school.  I love working with these students and feel that our program improves retention of this demographic because we emphasize individualized attention (for tutoring and advising) and encourage participation in credited courses that are similar in structure to Supplemental Instruction.  I also am the Study Skills Specialist on our campus and will be the contact person in the Fall for any students that need assistance with general study skills (as opposed to content-related tutoring).  I am currently writing new curriculum for two courses that we teach on our campus about study skills; I am also fortunate to be able to be involved in a curriculum rewrite of our Freshman Seminar class.

PASS: What do you enjoy most about your new role as an academic initiative advisor?
KP:This is a tie between two answers: First, I enjoy getting to work one-on-one with students and establishing strong relationships with them and their parents. Second, I love the challenge of my job and the need to have a working knowledge about the different schools and degree programs around throughout the state.  Students come to me with all sorts of questions about transferring, what courses they should take, etc. With each advising appointment, I get to wear a new "hat" and help students conduct research into their area/school of interest.  During one appointment, I might be working with a student interested in transferring to UW-Stevens Point to major in dietetics.  During the next, I might working with a student interested in transferring to UW-Parkside to major in theater! It's a lot of fun to explore the schools, degrees, and opportunities out there for students!

PASS: What advice would you give to students who are seeking an enjoyable and successful college experience?
KP:Seek out a variety of experiences and don't be afraid to try something new!  This certainly can be applied to courses and academics, but it is also applicable outside of class- take part in research opportunities, volunteer, join a club, or try a new sport!  You never know who you might meet or how one experience may open up a new opportunity for you down the road.

PASS: What advice would you give to students who are considering employment as a tutor or supplemental instruction leader?
KP:Tutors and SI Leaders serve dual roles; they are not only content-area experts, but also academic mentors and role models.  Students will look to you for advice on how to be a college student, such as how to approach a professor or how to prepare for an exam, as much as they will look to you for specific answers about coursework, like how to solve a math problem or how to memorize vocabulary. Be approachable and empathetic to students transitioning into to university life, but remember, also, to maintain a level of professionalism when giving advice.

Former tutor? We want to hear from you! Drop us a line at or stop in Bolton 180 the next time you're on campus.



Online Tutoring is Now Available!

Want to participate in a group exam review but can’t make it to campus? Panther Academic Support Services now offers online tutoring services as a way to supplement your classroom learning. PASS had over 1,000 online participants during the Spring 2011 semester, and we're making strides to grow that number during the upcoming Fall semester.

Participate in one of our tutors’ scheduled online exam reviews using any computer with a high-speed connection. All of our online services can be accessed through D2L and students can participate individually or in groups.

Have a specific question for your tutor? Post a question on our D2L discussion board, and a tutor will respond within 24 hours (Mon – Fri).

Need extra help? Click here to schedule an appointment for any PASS program, or contact PASS at for additional assistance.

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