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Document Imaging - ImageNow

ImageNow and WebNow:
ImageNow by Perceptive Software Inc., is a user-friendly document imaging and management tool that allows you to easily capture, organize and manage data. With one click, ImageNow allows you to scan, file, retrieve, print, email or share electronic documents.

ImageNow changes the way paper is handled, alleviating the time-consuming inefficiencies of manually filing and retrieving documents thus enhancing service and productivity. In addition, ImageNow eliminates the cost and space issues associated with maintaining a paper-based process.

ImageNow allows indexed images to be retrieved simultaneously by different users on campus with the click of a mouse. Since the document is indexed electronically, there is no need to manually file the paper, and no chance that the document will be misplaced or mishandled.

ImageNow is able to stand-alone or to easily integrate with existing applications such as PeopleSoft (PAWS), ImageNow can capture all types of documents — paper forms, faxes, e-mails and more into ImageNow’s repository for easy access by users. Security allows for different users to have various levels of access to individual documents and notes. Workflow can then be used to improve or reengineer the day-to-day business by automating current manual paper intensive processes. ImageNow is only available from on campus and only installed for those needing the full client version for their work.

WebNow provides users with much of the same functionality as the ImageNow client via the internet. When at home or traveling users can gain access to their documents with their regular security access or WebNow may be used as a view only security option for specified users. In order to maintain a high level of security, users are only able to access WebNow from campus computers. To access WebNow:

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