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Support Materials

Name Link Type
Self-Service for Students Key Navigation for Student Using Student Center Page
Key Navigation for Student Using Left Menu
Navigation for Race/Ethnicity Survey
Self-Service for Faculty Key Navigation for Faculty
Online Grade Change Instructions for Deans Approval
Online Grade Change Instructions for Departments
Online Grade Change Instructions for Instructors
General Managing Favorites
Managing Customize Page
Managing Service Indicators
Setting Personalizations
Using Global Search/Match
Academic Advisement Key Navigation for Academic Advisement
Admissions For questions, please contact Mike Bubolz in Admissions at X5719 or email
Course Catalog/Schedule of Classes Key Navigation for Course Catalog/Schedule of Classes
Fee Remissions Key Navigation for Remissions Entry
Recruitment For questions, please contact Jan Ford in Recruitment & Outreach at X4445 or email
Student Records Looking Up Transfer Equivalencies
Key Navigation for Student Records
Entering Advisor Changes
Entering Program Changes
Entering Plan Changes
Entering Sub-Plan Changes
Entering Transcript Text Entries
Printing Class Rosters
Printing Transcripts
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