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Course Wait Listing

Effective with the Summer/Fall 2010 registration cycle, students will have the opportunity to add themselves to a wait list within PAWS for courses that have reached their enrollment capacity. While each academic department determines if a wait list will be offered for a given class and has ultimate discretion regarding how students will be added to the class from the wait list, the use of wait lists provides many benefits:
  • Wait lists can be offered on a section-by-section basis and students can use PAWS to easily determine if a wait list is available
  • Once a wait list has been established, students who are not on the waiting list cannot "jump" students who are on the waiting list if a seat becomes available in the class
  • Students, faculty and staff can easily monitor the wait list positions of students via the PAWS Student Center and class rosters
  • As seats become available, an automatic process will promote students from the wait list into the class, thereby eliminating manual work for instructors and staff
  • Departments and schools/colleges can exercise a manual option if they wish to control which students are added from a wait list

How Do Wait Lists Work?
Wait lists will provide students, faculty and staff with a process that is easy to understand and to monitor. Get an overview of how they work. For more information, you can view a wait list tutorial.

Wait List Functionality
When the Schedule of Classes for a given term is created, school/college and/or departmental schedule builders can establish a wait list capacity for each class section. Not all class sections will have wait lists and some, such as courses where instructor consent is required, should never have wait lists.

When searching for classes on PAWS and/or enrolling in a class, a student will have an option of indicating if s/he is willing to be placed on a wait list if the class is full. The student will also have the option of specifying another class that s/he wishes to drop if s/he is enrolled in the class from the wait list.

An automatic process will run five times a week (Monday - Friday). If there are spaces available in a class, the process will add students from the wait list to the class using the priority of the wait list position number. A notification email will be sent to students once they have been enrolled from the waiting list into the class.

Students who remain on the waiting list because of a time conflict, maximum credit overload or repeat will receive an email informing them of the issue and how to resolve it.

NOTE: Some departments and/or schools/colleges may opt not to use the automatic waitlist process and will instead manually control which students are added to the class from the waitlist.

Adding To and From a Wait List
There are some situations that could prevent a student from being able to request a place on a course wait list or from being enrolled from the wait list into a course.

Why Can't a Student Get on a Waiting List?
If the student is otherwise eligible to enroll in classes, the reasons a student could not be placed on the wait list of a full course are:
  • The department has chosen not to offer a waiting list for a given class
  • The student does not meet the pre-requisites for that course
  • The student has exceeded the maximum allowable number of waitlisted credits
  • The student is already on the wait list for the same class
  • The last day to wait list has passed (students can place themselves on the waiting list up to the last Thursday prior to the start of a given term or, in a summer term, the last work/week day prior to the start of a session)
Why Is a Student Not Being Enrolled from the Waiting List into a Course?
If there are spaces available in a class and a student has a wait list position high enough that s/he should be promoted from the waitlist, the department and/or school/college may be using criteria other than wait list position number to determine which students should be enrolled in the course. There are several other reasons a student would not be added to the course (and actions that can be taken to correct the problem):

S/he is enrolled in another class with a day/time pattern that conflicts with the wait listed class.

  1. Drop from the wait list;
  2. Drop the class that is creating the time conflict; or,
  3. Drop and re-add to the wait list but specifying the conflicting class is to be dropped if you are enrolled from the wait list.
S/he is enrolled in enough other credits that adding the wait listed course would put her/him over the maximum allowable credit load

  1. Dropping from the wait list;
  2. Dropping another class to sufficiently lower your credit total; or,
  3. Dropping and re-adding to the wait list but specifying a class to be dropped if you are enrolled from the wait list.
S/he is attempting to enroll in a class that will exceed the maximum allowable repeat attempts for a given course

Please go to your PAWS Student Center and immediately drop yourself from the wait list for this class. In order to enroll in this course, you must do the following:
  1. Meet with your advisor to request permission to repeat the course;
  2. If permission is granted, the 'Permission to Repeat' transcript text must be entered on PAWS by your advisor;
  3. Obtain the instructor's permission to enroll in the course via a signed Add form;
  4. Bring the signed Add form to the Enrollment Services Information Center in Mellencamp 274.
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