Energy, Water, & Buildings

Energy and water conservation are the key to developing a sustainable campus. UWM Facility Services is committed to operations that improve these efficiencies. It is also the role of every student, staff, and faculty member to contribute to these efforts. Operational changes only go so far. For every lamp that is switched out, it is just as important to be turned off when not in use. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and managing our resources wisely will improve the environment and our bottom line.

Many projects regarding efficiency have been implemented across campus over the years. Currently UWM is taking an aggressive and planned approach to energy conservation and renewable energy.



Most notably, UWM took part in the statewide energy efficiency program, the Wisconsin Energy Initiative over the late 90’s and early 2000. This four phase program addressed both energy and water initiatives on campus to save resources. Phase 1-3 addressed energy efficient air handler motors, lighting change outs, adding occupancy sensors, finding inefficient stream traps, and installing condensate meters. Phase 4 addressed adding low flow toilets, sinks, and showerheads.

Due to changing technology, UWM staff is constantly adding and improving new lamps and ballasts across campus. Focus on Energy incentives and State small project funding was used to re-lamp gym lighting in Engelmann Hall, the perimeter of Klotsche Arena, and the Pavilion gym with high bay fluorescent fixtures replacing metal halide.



Currently UWM is going building by building to improve efficiencies through Performance Contracting. The audit phase is currently looking at the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences building, Enderis Hall, Cunningham Hall, Curtain Hall, and Bolton Hall. Upon authorization, the contractor will then implement many energy conservation measures, building by building. Monitoring and verification of energy savings is also an intricate part of the performance contracting. This process will then continue across campus until all of our buildings have made such upgrades.

Also, the first major solar electric panels of UWM were installed on Bolton Hall in the spring of 09’. This 74 panel system produces 205 watts each.

Energy Matters



Energy efficiencies and renewable energy will continue to grow at UWM. It is encouraged by academic staff working with administration, State funding allotted for such projects, and the momentum of the UWM community to find alternative solutions for clean and well managed energy.


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