Uploading Your Electronic Files

Once you are ready to place your copy or print job order, and have filled out the Copy Center Order form or Print Job Request (RSO) form, you can quickly and conveniently upload your electronic files.

There are two PantherFile dropboxes for you to upload your files into. One is for Copy Center jobs and one is for Printing jobs.

REMINDER: Make sure you have filled out and faxed/mailed a copy of the Print Job Request (RSO) form or Copy Center Order form before uploading your file(s).

Important Quick Notes Regarding Both Dropboxes:
  • Once you have selected the link, you will be prompted to enter your Username and your Password. This is your ePanther ID and password.
  • Once logged in, select the upload button and upload your files.
  • You may want to bookmark the link in your browser for future easy access.
  • Once you have uploaded your files, you will NOT be able to see them in the folder, however, you will receive a screen message indicating the upload was successful.


Upload your files for COPYING jobs here:

PDF files are preferred

Copy Center Dropbox

Need help? Contact the Copy Center at x6224.

Upload your files for PRINTING jobs here:

Native files are preferred

Please be sure to zip/stuff ALL the related files for your project (fonts, graphics, etc.) into ONE SINGLE zipped/stuffed archive before you place it in the dropbox. This can easily be accomplished by placing all your files into a folder and then zipping/stuffing that folder.

Printing Dropbox

Need help? Contact Print Services at x4944.



Student Posters Dropbox Info Page

Need help? Contact the Print & Copy Services at x4994.