Guidelines for Planning Your Project

Create a timeline to allow enough time for each stage of your project:

  • design (1 to 4 weeks)
    • factors to consider: committee approvals, revisions, photo shoots
    • first draft usually within 1 week
    • Contact Visual Design for further information
  • printing (1 to 3 weeks)
    • factors to consider: providing properly prepared files, proper logo/branding usage, revisions, special bindery, special stocks, quantity ordered
    • first Epson proof usually within 3 days from properly submitted files
    • Consult with a Print Specialist for more information
  • copying (1 to 4 days)
    • factors to consider: proper logo usage, properly prepared files, bindery options ordered
    • Contact the Copy Center for more information
  • mailing (3 days to 1 week)
    • factors to consider: proper set-up to meet postal regulations, piece size, mail panel/permit box info, mail list sortation, bulk rate vs 1st class
    • Contact Mail Services for more information

Define your budget and know the limitations you need to maintain to allow you to stay within your budget.

  • Check sample costs of similar projects
  • Consult with a print specialist before placing the order to discuss cost-saving options available to you.

Common pitfalls to avoid:

  • improper logo usage, incorrect logo files used, branding guidelines not followed
  • files are not created and/or formatted properly for copying or printing
  • quantity ordered is too large (resulting in waste) or too small (resulting in a re-run/added expense)
  • piece doesn’t meet postal regulations