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Dance Curious?

Dance Curious?

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NEW: Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Dance (370-801)
Explore the culture, history, and techniques of capoeira, an art combining dance, martial arts, and music in a playful game.

NEW: Men in Motion (370-803)
Athleticism, coordination, strength, and rhythm come together in this dance class for men surveying a wide variety of styles and themes.

Ballroom Dance* (370-804)
Impress your friends, family (or a date) by learning the waltz, foxtrot, tango & more

Hip Hop I, II, III (370-806, 807, 808)
Hit the dance floor as you learn the different styles of Hip Hop and develop a deep understanding of the music and culture behind this high energy form

T'ai Chi* (370-802)
Relax and relieve stress by learning these simple movements practiced in China for hundreds of years to promote balance and harmony

Salsa/Merengue I (370-805)
Experience Latin America through dance and music of Caribbean countries

Creative Movement (Dance 133-801)
Develop your creative potential using rhythm and movement and improvisation.

History of Dance in the African Diaspora (GER Arts and CD) (Dance 313-001)
Through videos, readings and discussion, learn the characteristics of dance on the African continent and follow these elements as African slaves migrated across North and South America and the Caribbean.

*meets only once per week

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