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Music MM - Conducting

Concentration in Conducting (Choral or Instrumental)
This concentration is designed primarily for the student with an undergraduate degree in music education or performance who wishes to pursue advanced training in conducting plus related studies in music performance and allied areas. A student must successfully pass an audition that demonstrates an advanced level of conducting skill to qualify for admission to the program. Students may also have to pass other audition(s) in performance area(s), depending on their focus. Choral Conducting students will take the UWM Basic Diction MUSED249 Final Exam upon entrance into the MM degree program.  If deficiencies are found, students will take Basic Diction, MUSED249 as a prerequisite course that will not count toward earned degree credits. Minimum degree requirement is 31 graduate credits, 29 of which must be in specified music areas, 2 of which may be in one of the other areas or in a related field.

Choral Conducting
The Choral Conducting Program at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is committed to musical excellence. The graduate curriculum is designed to build a well-rounded conductor / teacher, drawing on the inherent musical and personal strengths of the graduate conducting student. The program offers two options: the MM in Performance: Choral Conducting, which requires a two-year residency, and the MM in Music Education: Choral Conducting Emphasis, which can be completed during summers and evenings.

The dual conducting program accepts a limited number of students who pursue a variety of professional directions, including education and church music. Students who are full-time music educators at the middle/high school levels will be considered if they have three (3) years prior teaching experience, and are presently conducting an ensemble(s) that will serve as their graduate conducting recital ensemble. Students who are not public school educators must show a minimum of three (3) years of full-time music/conducting employment, and be presently conducting a high school, religious or community ensemble that will serve as their graduate conducting recital ensemble. To develop the musicianship and skills that will be important for the student's future professional success, graduate courses are organized in the areas of music literature and theory, the choral/vocal instrument, conducting, and teaching.

PDF brochure on the Choral Conducting program

Further Information on the MM in Music Education: Choral Conducting Emphasis

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Director of Choral Activities
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