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Laura J.


MPH - Community and Behavioral Health Promotion

I graduated from Marquette University with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in International Health Care. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I participated in several volunteer and internship opportunities in public health, including working with the “No Condom? No Way!” Campaign and the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW). With the “No Condom? No Way!” campaign, I was out in the community distributing condoms to the campaign partners throughout Milwaukee, as well as writing a new brochure for the campaign and directing focus groups to determine how to better reach teens in Milwaukee. At the ARCW, I volunteered answering the Information and Referral Hotline calls related to HIV/AIDS, STDs, and safer sex practices.

After graduating from Marquette, I began a full time position with the ARCW’s Prevention Department. My current job includes HIV and STD education throughout Milwaukee, as well as testing for HIV, Hepatitis C, and STDs. My responsibilities also include working with LifePoint, the ARCW’s needle exchange program, which provides clean needles and other materials to injection drug users. I was recently promoted to supervisor in the Prevention Department.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Public Health. I have a strong interest in the prevention of STDs and HIV, the reduction of teen pregnancy rates, increased access to healthcare, and improved health education throughout the community. My goal is to eventually work in a decision-making position either within a specific organization or with the city health department to remedy some of Milwaukee’s current public health issues.

Laura J.