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Megan M.


PhD – Community and Behavioral Health Promotion

Megan is currently a doctoral student at the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health at UW- Milwaukee. She completed her collegiate studies at Carleton College in Northfield, MN with a major in studio art and a concentration on pre-medical sciences. In college, Megan cultivated an interest in global public health and traveled internationally as a EMT/volunteer. After graduation, she sought employment in Mexico directly addressing issues of health, community development, and ethics of service in impoverished areas of Tecate and Tijuana.

After returning to the US, Megan accepted a position at a community clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota, Community Dental Care, as a dental assistant. She worked in oral health promotion for several years with underserved patient populations before pursuing a Master’s Degree at the University Of Minnesota School Of Dentistry in dental therapy, a mid-level provider position similar to a physician assistant. As a member of Minnesota’s first class of dental therapists and as the student body president, she had the opportunity to advocate for access to care as well as pioneer a new field of public health dentistry.

Additionally, she serves as the executive director for Hand in Health, a nonprofit organization that works in The Gambia, West Africa and aims to promote quality healthcare and education through community engagement, project development, and sustainable solutions. Her leadership skills have developed rural health programs, established partnerships between corporate and nonprofit organizations, and assisted in the shipment of over 250,000 books to urban and rural schools across the country. Their work has been featured at the Clinton Global Initiative University, where she serves as a mentor, and at various nonprofit community functions.

Megan is thrilled to be part of an institution dedicated to transforming the public health scene here in Milwaukee. The focus of her doctoral work will be to continue this mission by developing innovative programs that effectively address health disparities through community and behavioral health promotion research, both in Milwaukee and globally.


Megan M.