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A sport club is a group of students that voluntarily organize to further their common interest in sport through participation and competition.

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Sport Clubs Program’s purpose is to provide students the opportunity to participate in sport competitions against clubs of other universities as a means to enhance their university experience and provide a vehicle for a well-rounded education through physical, social and leadership development.


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How many UWM students are members of the Triathlon Club?
Our club has 20 student members.

Which races are you looking forward to this Spring?
Elkhart Lake is always a fun race and the first race on the calendar for a lot of people so there is extra excitement! The Rev3 race in the Dells is a well-run and fun race and we get treated like pros there! Age Group Nationals is in Milwaukee again this year, and was voted one of the best urban triathlons by USAT members!

Does Triathlon Club only compete in traditional triathlon races?
No, team members participate in running races ranging from 5k runs to marathons, several also race duathlons which eliminate the swim and just run, bike, run.

Where does the Triathlon Club practice?
It is centered around the Klotsche center. We swim there, and meet there before going out on a group run or bike.

What schools will you be competing against during your Spring 2014 season?
Teams that we will race against include Marquette, University of Wisconsin, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Lacrosse, Iowa, Iowa State, and Minnesota to name a few in our conference.

Do you have to have prior experience doing triathlons to join the Triathlon Club?
Not at all! The goal of our group is to help people achieve their goals, whether it is to qualify for Collegiate Nationals, or go out and do their very first triathlon. Triathletes are a very welcoming and friendly group and will help with any questions you may have!

Does your club travel a lot?
Most of the races that our team participates in are within southeastern Wisconsin, ranging from Lake Geneva to Elkhart Lake, and as far west as the Dells. Collegiate Nationals is in Tempe Arizona this year, and will be moving to another warm and sunny place since this race is mid-April

How often does your club practice during Spring semester?
During the semester our team has workouts twice a week. While the weather is cold, that is usually indoor runs or swims, as the weather improves we move outdoors.

What are your expectations for the Spring 2014 season?
This is going to be a great year for turnout for our athletes. The numbers are up and we are able to get more students out there to race and achieve their goals!

Why should UWM students join the Triathlon Club?
We are a club that is truly for anyone and everyone. The Triathlon Club at UWM offers training tips for new triathlon participants, discounts on triathlon gear through club sponsors, group workouts, and deals on entry fees.

What life-long skills can a student gain by participating in triathlons?
Triathlon is more than just swimming, biking, and running. Participants learn time management, hard work, goal setting, and enjoy the feeling of self-accomplishment for doing something that at some point might have seemed impossible.

Are there any requirements for joining the Triathlon Club?
Enjoy or be interested in swimming, biking, or running!

Where can students go if they are interested in joining the club? or our facebook page

Contributor: Ryan Schmeling, President of the Triathlon Club at UWM)



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