The Power of Research Relationships

The Power of Research Relationships

For many years, I have been a firm believer in the great power of close research relationships between universities and the institutions in the communities they serve. This belief is widely embraced by faculty and staff throughout the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It extends to those with whom we work regardless of whether they are in the not-for-profit or for-profit sectors.

At UWM, we are creating dynamic research relationships throughout the region in areas ranging from health care and engineering to the arts and education. We believe such collaborations are an integral part of the future of higher education because these interactions will generate new and better processes, technologies and products.

On the following pages are reports about the latest results of our approach to blend companies’ needs with our university’s academic and research objectives. By pairing strengths and focusing on service, knowledge and innovation, we are unifying this region’s most significant resources. The considerable accomplishments of individuals and organizations working together show that bold actions can lead to excellent results.


Michael R. Lovell