SARUP student intent on improving Milwaukee

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keith Hayes’ organization, beintween, is a social and spatial network intent on improving spaces to build community and interested in making the most of leftover time and space. Since 2011, beintween has conducted three significant projects.

The coopetition invited Milwaukeeans to build a full scale chicken coop from non-virgin materials to promote locavores and material reuse. It challenged participants to balance craft, pragmatism, and resourcefulness.

Beintween’s pop up park is a social construct project inviting more spontaneous activity in our daily routines by suspending swings made from discarded tires under the Holton bridge. These swings engage those passing by. The guerilla installation serves not only as an element of recreation, but as a point of reconsideration for these leftover spaces in our city.

The artery, a project initially conceived of under the auspices of SARUP’s Marcus Prize Studio in spring 2012, seeks to invoke the activity and creativity of its own neighbors to inform the transformation and reclamation of this blighted industrial corridor, to include acres of edible landscapes. beintween's innovative geo-textile, known as matireal, becomes the catalyst to blaze this trail. Using discarded tires, beintween seeks to stitch communities together along a former rail corridor.

Beintween has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, that will be used in the implementation of this innovative project.

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