No: S-11

Date: October, 1996--Rev.(2)
(Original, February 18, 1981)

Authority: UWM Administration


Chapter 230.03(4) Wis. Stats. states in part, "appointing authority means the chief administrative officer of an agency unless another person is authorized to appoint subordinate staff in the agency by the constitution or statutes." Chapter 230.06(1) Wis. Stats. sets forth the "Powers and duties of appointing authorities" which includes under 230.06(1)(b) the power to "Appoint persons to or remove persons from the classified service, discipline employees, designate their titles, assign their duties and fix their compensation, all subject to this subchapter and the rules prescribed thereunder." 230.06(2) Wis. Stats. states "An appointing authority may delegate in writing part or all of his or her power of appointment, including discipline and removal."


The president of the UW System, as agency appointing authority, has delegated that authority to the system vice-presidents and chancellors. The president has further authorized delegation of this responsibility from chancellors to appropriate "subordinate officers and specified individuals...providing such delegated authority is in writing and a copy is filed..." in the president's office and with the Department of Employment Relations Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection. (Memo from UWS President John C. Weaver to UWS vice presidents and chancellors, 3/8/74).



Appointing authority for classified civil service appointments at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is hereby delegated to deans and division heads.


  1. Authority to administer disciplinary actions resulting in loss of pay or discharge may not be delegated further than one level below the dean or division head, i.e., the divisional manager, director, or department chair. Authority to administer disciplinary actions up to and including letters of reprimand may be delegated to first level supervision, as appropriate.

  2. Letters of discipline for loss of pay or discharge penalties should be reviewed by staff in the Labor Relations Office. Such review is to assure that due process requirements are met and does not constitute approval or otherwise signify that the action taken in appropriate. However, the Labor Relations Office staff will be available for consultation and advice in this critical area.

  3. The delegations made by the dean or division heads are not official until such delegation is in writing and a copy of such letter is on file in the Department of Human Resources.


The above policy is effective as of October 17, 1983. Deans and division heads are required to inform the Department of Human Resources of their actions with regard to appointment authority delegation so that notification can be transmitted to the UW System Administration and the State Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection.

Whenever changes occur within the school, college or division which would affect the appointing-authority delegation, it is the responsibility of the dean or division head to notify the Department of Human Resources.