No: S-35

Date: January, 1998 (rev 1)
(Original January 1980)

Authority: Wisconsin Statutes 230.35(3)(c) and
                   ER 18.10, Wis. Adm. Code. and
                  UWM Administration

I.     Eligibility

Any University of Wisconsin employee who is summoned for grand or petit jury service is entitled to a leave of absence without loss of pay for the time of absence required pursuant to the summons. When as a juror the employee is not impaneled for actual service and is only on call, the employee shall report back to work unless authorized to be absent from his/her work assignment by the appropriate appointing authority.

Section 756.02 (Wis. Stats.) provides as follows:

756.02 Exemptions and excuses from jury service.

(2) (a) Any person or group of persons may be excluded from the jury panel or excused from service as jurors by order of the judge or, if authorized under sub (4), by a determination made by the clerk of circuit court based on a finding that jury service would entail undue hardship, including undue hardship caused by the aging process, extreme inconvenience or serious obstruction or delay in the fair and impartial administration of justice. The exclusion or excuse shall continue for a period deemed necessary by the judge, or the clerk of circuit court, at the conclusion of which the person or group of persons shall reappear for jury service in accordance with the order of the judge. If the clerk of circuit court excludes or excuses a person under this subsection, the clerk of circuit court shall secure from the person a sworn statement that provides evidence of the grounds for the exclusion or excuse.

II.    Compensation

There shall be no deduction from nor interruption of pay from the state because of such absence. Jury duty fees may be retained by the employee.

III.   Other conditions

It shall be the responsibility of all UWM employees to notify their appropriate appointing authorities of the call to jury service, within a reasonable period of time of learning of same, so that substitute staffing, if necessary, can be arranged.