No: S-4.5

Date: January 11, 1989

Authority: UWM Administration

  1. Persons infected with the AIDS virus (whether active AIDS, AIDS-related complex , or sero-positive to virus) will not be excluded from enrollment or employment or restricted in their access to university services or facilities, unless medically-based judgments in individual cases establish that exclusion or restriction is necessary to the welfare of the individual or to the welfare of other members of the university community. Under certain circumstances, denial of employment or other educational benefits may constitute a form of unlawful discrimination according to Wisconsin law. Any harassment and/or discrimination against individuals should be referred to the Office of Diversity/Compliance at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, to be processed according to established procedures.

  2. The staff of the Norris Health Center is responsible for conducting an ongoing educational campaign designed to reach all campus constituencies (students and employees) to provide basic information about AIDS.

  3. Persons who know they are infected with the AIDS virus should be urged to share this information, on a confidential basis, with the director of the Norris Health Center so that the university can respond appropriately to their health and educational needs.

  4. Persons who know, or have a reasonable basis for believing they are infected, are expected to seek expert advice about their health circumstances and are obligated, ethically and legally, to conduct themselves responsibly in accordance with such knowledge, for the protection of other members of the university community.

  5. The university will widely publicize and carefully observe the safety guidelines established by the US Public Health Service for the handling of blood and other bodily fluids and secretions, both in all health care facilities maintained on the campus and in other institutional contexts, in which such fluids or secretions may be encountered (e.g., teaching and experimental laboratories).