No: S-53

Date: November 26, 1974

Authority: Wis. Admin. Code Chapter ATCP128
                   and UWM Administration

"Academic material" means any document, writing, typed paper, recording, tape program, photocopy, microfilm, printed matter, or other item capable of being read or heard, and of being submitted as original work product for academic credit or in fulfillment of academic requirements, notwithstanding the need to re-type or re-transcribe them or the need for modifications which do not substantially affect the authorship of the original writer.

No person shall engage in the following unfair methods of competition or unfair trade practices:

  1. Offer to prepare, cause to be prepared, prepare, furnish, offer to sell, advertise or cause to be advertised for sale, or sell any academic material, as defined herein, with the knowledge or under the circumstances in which the person should have reason to know, that the academic material is intended to be submitted by the purchaser or another as an original work product for academic credit from, or in fulfillment of the academic requirements of, any public or private, college, university, or other institution of learning in this state.

  2. Represent, in connection with the sale, or offering or advertising for sale of academic materials that:

    (a) The original purchaser's name will remain anonymous or not be disclosed by the seller, or

    (b) The material will not be sold or otherwise distributed in the purchaser's academic community in a way which would show or be likely to show that the
          purchaser of the materials was not the author thereof.

Nothing contained herein shall prevent any person from providing tutorial assistance, research material, information or other assistance which are not academic materials or to be used as academic materials as defined herein.