Mission, Goals and Objectives

In harmony with the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the School of Information Studies strives to make significant contributions towards extending and enhancing the quality of information to a diverse global society. The School of Information Studies is committed to excellence in instruction, research, and service.


Goal 1. To prepare professionals who are able to provide leadership and adapt to change in a technological and knowledge-based environment for careers in libraries, and other information centers according to accepted professional standards.


1.1 Review the content and need for all courses on a regular basis to keep the curriculum up to date.
1.2 Provide students with a conceptual framework for managing change.
1.3 Introduce ethical issues to students as part of the curriculum.
1.4 Assist students in career planning and placement.
1.5 Encourage students to take active roles in student governance and in professional organizations.

Goal 2. To enrich the information professions through recruitment of students with strong academic skills from diverse cultural, geographic, and subject backgrounds.


2.1 Encourage a dynamic environment that fosters academic and cultural diversity.
2.2 Recruit local, state, regional, national and international students.
2.3 Promote involvement with minority organizations and associations.

Goal 3. To contribute to the international knowledge base of information studies through research and publication.


3.1 Publish scholarly works by refereed sources every year.
3.2 Participate in professional and scholarly conference presentations.
3.3 Participate in intra- and extramural funding opportunities through the submission of research or instructional proposals to funding agencies.

Goal 4. To facilitate the development, provision, and evaluation of library and information services through consultation to individual organizations and leadership in professional associations locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.


4.1 Facilitate involvement in professional and scholarly organizations.
4.2 Promote participation in community and professional projects.
4.3 Participate as referees for professional and scholarly publication sources and granting agencies, reviewers of books or software, and editors.

Goal 5. To offer opportunities for professionals and the wider community to update their skills and knowledge through advanced and continuing education courses, workshops, and programs offered nationally and internationally.


5.1 Offer continuing education courses of interest to information professionals on a regular basis.
5.2 Offer workshops and programs on the evolving nature of information and technology.