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Kendrick Gardner



MILS: Youth Culture and Internet & New Media Theory, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

BS in Information Science and Technology -Minor in History and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Research Interests 

Kendrick Gardner has been employed at UW-Milwaukee since 2003, where he started as an IT consultant for the Campus Solution Center. In addition to teaching and research, Kendrick currently also works as a Specialist in the UITS Information Security Office. Before coming to SOIS, he served the Social Media & Technology Manager for the UWM Center for 21st Century Studies and was a Senior Information Systems Technician for the UWM College of Health Sciences and School of Education. Since starting in information technology, Kendrick has worked in many areas from research & development, server administration & virtualization, to online education and computer forensics. Kendrick actively researches youth culture & technology, video game theory, artificial intelligence & digital education, as well as emerging trends in information security & online privacy.

In between research, teaching, and problem solving, Kendrick spends most of his time as an avid kickboxer, runner, gamer, marksman, and musician.


250 Internet Communications and Information Transfer

430 Multimedia Application Development

491 Advanced Topics in Information Science and Technology (Information Security I & II) - Starting fall 2014 they will become permanent classes with their own course numbers.

Starting soon will be 691 Video games, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Digital Culture.

Description of new 691 course: This course will cover the theory, concepts, and applications of many different forms of computer based gaming and artificial intelligences. As digital game based play and learning become more and more of a prevalent aspect of 21st century society, the need for better understanding, direction, and innovation continues to grow more relevant. Game culture has developed into a unique subculture in modern society and this course aims to explore its social, cultural, educational and economic impacts. The goal is the gain a better understanding of the core concepts and technologies, as well as future applications of progressively more advanced gaming and intelligence systems used for both entertainment and educational purposes via reading, examples, and in-depth discussion.


Presentation at The Dark Side of the Digital. May 3rd, 2013. Breakout Session 1 - Armchair Armies: The changing military and cognitive modality of the 21st Century.

Thesis - Elegant Distraction: Retelling Untold Disasters of Present and Future Adolescents Entwined with Digital Culture. May 18, 2012.

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