Student Resources

Academic Support Resources at UWM
10-30 minutes
Johanna Dvorak: email or call x5672

This presentation alerts first year students to tutoring services on campus. Weekly group tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, online tutoring, residence hall tutoring and walk-in tutoring services are featured. Media and other resources are discussed. This presentation can be tailored to needs of a particular class or group. The key to success is being able to set goals and achieve them.

It’s More than Email: Campus Technology Services to Help You Succeed,
30-45 minutes, PowerPoint,
Wendy Luljak, Senior IT Communications Strategist
E-mail Wendy Luljak at
From a mobile app to a high performance computing environment, campus technology services are ready to help you with your academic work, stay connected to what’s happening, and assist in managing all that you have to do. Learn more about the campus technology services and resources available to help you succeed at UWM.

Center for Volunteerism Student Leadership
Between 5-10 minutes, PowerPoint.
Laurie Marks, Director of Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research, x3161

The mission of the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research (CCBLLR) is to foster an ethic of service and leadership within the UW-Milwaukee campus community by promoting and supporting volunteerism that addresses human and societal needs. Individuals can come into the CVSL to learn about volunteer opportunities at local non-profit agencies, one day events, scholarships, leadership opportunities and job opportunities for work-study students.
Enhance Your College Experience by STUDYING ABROAD!
5-15 minute presentation
Sue Conway and CIE study abroad office staff
Email:, Phone: x5182

Studying abroad is an academic and personal investment in any student’s future! It can offer students a deeper understanding of the world outside the United States, help boost employability, and can enhance the value of a college degree. Learn how to take advantage of all of the exciting and affordable international opportunities UWM offers during the summer, UWinteriM, semester or academic year! Students from all majors can benefit from this invaluable opportunity.


Student Success Center: Where Success Starts!
15-30 minutes
Colin Daly, Student Success Center, or call x5385

Student Mentors will present an overview of the services and programs of the Student Success Center Center while helping build community in the classroom through the use of icebreakers or teambuilders. There will also be time to ask student leaders any questions regarding life at UWM!


Using the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons to its fullest potential
(10-15 minutes)
Molly Susan Mathias, Learning Commons Coordinator, Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons UWM Libraries or call x6204

Our Learning Commons is designed with student success in mind. The collaborative and multi-use space in the Learning Commons can be overwhelming for new students. This session will explain Learning Commons access, hours, policies, collaborative services/partnerships and academic resources available to all UWM students.

Getting Connected with the Multicultural Student Centers
(10 minutes)
Ramona Sledge, Advisor, Black Cultural Center
Email:, Phone: x5834

Learn about the various multicultural resources available at the African American Student Academic Services, American Indian Student Services, Black Cultural Center, Roberto Hernandez Center, and the Southeast Asian-American Student Services. These offices are centrally located on the first floor of Bolton Hall, and offer programs and services that are supportive of student learning and success. If time allows, the presenter may also talk about the availability of other diversity services, as well as some of the multicultural student organizations on campus.


Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research
10-20 minutes
Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Research,, x2641

This presentation introduces students to the Office of Undergraduate Research as a resource that can help them find a faculty research mentor, earn credit in their major by assisting on a research project, learn how to effectively present their research experience, and prepare for graduate school.


Getting Involved on Campus
Basic introduction would be 10-15 minutes - A more in-depth session would be about 30 minutes
Kirstin Leih, , 414-229-5572.

The college experience is about more than just the time you spend in class. Getting involved in co-curricular experiences such as student organizations, intramurals, and on-campus jobs, can greatly support your success in college and your future career goals. Plus, the opportunity to meet friends, have fun, and grow as a leader can help transform a large and overwhelming institution into a place you can call “home.” This session will focus on exploring involvement opportunities and their connections to personal passions, goals, interests and values. We are here to help you make the most of your co-curricular experience at UWM.


Intro to the Department of University Recreation
5-15 minute presentation
(tailored to fit request)
Nick Tasich, Assistant Director – Intramural Sports, Sports Clubs and Outreach Programs Email us or Call us x3777

The Department of Recreational Sports and Facilities (RSF) provides educational experiences and opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles, lifelong learning, student leadership and personal success by offering comprehensive recreational, health and wellness programs and quality facilities. RSF enhances the quality of life at UWM by facilitating a sense of belonging and camaraderie while providing safe and inviting facilities, a positive university environment, campus involvement and community enrichment. At the Klotsche Center/Pavilion, we offer students and members a variety of recreation opportunities and services in the areas of fitness, wellness, intramurals, open recreation and aquatics. This presentation will give an overview of what we have to offer and we’ll answer any question you may have about our programs, services or facilities.


Intro to the LGBT Resource Center
5-15 minute presentation
(tailored to fit request)
Jennifer Murray/Director, Cameron Breither/Assistant Director & LGBT Resource Center student staff.
Email us: or Call us x4116

Our mission is to increase the awareness, education, and presence of LGBT topics and concerns on the UWM campus and to provide a resource for students and campus community members wanting to learn about and advocate for LGBT inclusion. To this end we provide student-inspired programming, education, outreach and social groups in an attempt to create an inclusive and welcoming campus environment for all students, staff and faculty members. This presentation will give an overview of the services that the LGBT Resource Center provides. We will share information about upcoming social and educational forums, activities, programs and events sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center. We will also discuss various ways students can become involved with activities and outreach initiatives conducted by the LGBT Resource Center.


Strategies for Researching In and Beyond the Library
50-75 minutes
(tailored to fit your request)
Kate L. Ganski, Library Instruction Coordinator or x6828

UWM librarian instructors are experts at empowering students to succeed through the process of information selection, retrieval and evaluation. Instruction can take place in the library computer labs or librarians can make classroom visits. Instruction sessions can include interactive online tutorials, innovative learning technologies, traditional instruction and demonstration, hands-on experience, and a building tour. Our library instruction program is founded on the Association of College and Research Libraries' guidelines for information literacy, which encourage students to Ask (What information is required?), Find (Know what resources to use and develop a search strategy), Evaluate (Select among sources and investigate the information), and Use (Integrate new information and cite and attribute sources.) Research experience contributes to students' critical thinking skills and establishes life-long information gathering proficiency. Contact Kate L. Ganski for more information.


Managing Your PAWS
15-45 minutes
Seth Zlotocha, Interim Registrar, Office of the Registrar, , or x3045.

In recent years, student administration systems have been transformed from little more than repositories of student data to dynamic systems that allow for students to oversee and interact with their records. Active oversight and interaction on the part of students can enhance their academic experience by giving them direct ownership over the decisions the make and create a smoother transition between the various stages of college academic life ranging from admission to graduation. This presentation is designed to teach students about the various functionality and nuances of the PAWS system, including tracking your degree program, utilizing course planning, running an Academic Advising Report, finding your advisor, applying for graduation, among other topics. Each session will be tailored to meet the needs and time constraints of the audience.

Got Advising?
15-20 minutes
Kristin Roosevelt: call x5248, or email

It's time to meet an invaluable resource for academic success-- your Academic Advisor(s). It's time to discover the possibilities the academic advising experience can offer. Academic Advisors strive to help students be proactive and take ownership over their academic progress and potential. Advisors assist students with university policies, academic planning and goals, and educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Academic Advisors will challenge students to think about goals after college, and support students in supplementing their education at UWM with involvement and activities that will build and enhance their résumé.


Multicultural Services Librarian
Time varies depending on topics selected
UWM Libraries; Ahmed A Kraima or x6613

The Multicultural Services Librarian provides research assistance, information services and materials recommendations to the UWM community (faculty, staff and students) in the following areas:·
  • Africology/African American Studies 
  • American Indian Studies 
  • Hispanic/Latino(a) Studies 
  • Asian/Asian American Studies
  • Diversity Studies


Landlord/Tenant Rental Rights and Responsibilities
60 minutes
Neighborhood Housing Office, x6999, or Union WG85

Landlord/Tenant Rental Rights and Responsibilities is a session where the Neighborhood Housing Office and the University Legal Clinic explain how to find quality off-campus housing and landlords in the surrounding UWM Neighborhoods. The presentation is about 45 minutes with 15 minutes at the end for students to ask specific questions about their current or upcoming living situations. Everything from average rent, searching for housing tips, roommate conflicts, civic responsibility, and landlord/tenant rights are covered. A session can be modified for any campus audience, including a brief overview session or a longer, more in-depth workshop on this topic.


Online Tutoring
5, 15, 30, or 50 minutes
Johanna Dvorak: email or call x5672

The presenter can introduce or demonstrate an online tutoring session to students, so they can take advantage of online tutoring services from off campus. Longer demonstrations will require a computer lab or laptops. Most 100-200 level courses are available.


Supplemental Instruction (SI)
5-10 minutes
Johanna Dvorak: email or call x5672

This talk is designed to introduce a class to their Supplemental instruction leader who will explain weekly review sessions, times and the advantages of Supplemental Instruction for difficult and large lecture courses. SI courses are listed at


Your UWM Women’s Resource Center
15-30 minutes
Sue McCarthy, UWM Women’s Resource Center, or x2852

The WRC enhances awareness and understanding at UWM of the diversity of women's lives and experiences, and the role gender plays in everyone's life through our mission of education, support, and advocacy. We promote and support the health and well-being of students and help students to address their problems, recognize their individual and collective power, and achieve their full educational, career and personal potential at UWM and beyond. We build partnerships and advocate for change to create a campus climate that enhances the quality of life for all members of the University community. Given the breadth and depth of the WRC’s programs and services we serve as a resource to students in a variety of ways in their academic, personal, and professional lives. This presentation will provide an overview of upcoming programs & events, our programs & services, and the many ways in which we are a resource to students, faculty, and staff at UWM.


Intro to the Norris Health Center
5-15 minutes
Colleen Bernstein, RN Health Educator, Norris Health Center, or x4675

The Norris Health Center is here to support you in identifying, understanding, and responding to any health-related issues that you may experience throughout your UWM career. As a UWM student, it is your resource for medical, mental health, and health promotion services. This presentation will provide an overview of Norris services and information regarding how students can access these resources.
What exactly is the Student Accessibility Center? 15-30 minutes, can include PowerPoint Laurie Petersen: email This presentation provides a basic overview of the services Student Accessibility provides to students with disabilities, faculty and the campus in general. It will address ‘mandated’ services, leveling the playing field, the intake process and ways students without disabilities can be of assistance.