Personal Web Space

Using pantherFILE for Personal Web Pages

UWM students, faculty and staff members may use their pantherFILE space to host their basic personal Web pages (HTML files).

To use your pantherFILE space as a Web host, create a folder to hold the files (it is recommended you name the folder "www"), and then make the folder (and subsequent subfolders) public. Include an "index.html" file in the folder.

The URL for the personal Web site will then be:[your_e-pantherid]/www/

You may then upload additional files to this folder and have them publically viewable. Uploaded text files for the Web page should have the .html file extension. You can also upload image files and documents for your site, and you can also create subfolders.

NOTE: Be cautious when creating file names for use on your Web site. Filenames are case sensitive (e.g., "FileName.html" is not the same as "filename.html"). Spaces and special characters in file names can be also be problematic.

To create a public "www" directory/folder:
  • Log in to
  • Click the "New Folder" icon
  • Name the folder "www" and click "Finish"
  • In your pantherFILE directory, select the www folder and select "Manage" from the toolbar
  • In the Manage menu, select "Permissions"
  • In the list of users, select both "Authorized Users" and "Public," and then click the "Viewer/Read-Only" radio button next to each group
  • Click "Apply", and in the next window, be sure that "Apply the changed permissions to the folder as well as sub-folders and files" is selected
  • Click "OK"
For additional assistance, please contact the UWM Help Desk at:

Or use the online request form:

NOTE: If you require a more complex Web space, please contact Michael Hostad (, UWM's Web Architect.