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Info Security Alert: emails Containing .zip or .exe attachments Friday, October 11, 2013

Incident Type:      IT Status Alert
Start Time:     
10/11/2013    3:00 PM
End Time:     
07/25/2014    6:00 PM
Service(s) Affected:      emails containing .zip, .odt or .exe attachments
Details:      Update:

With the selection of Office365 as the new email service, .zip, .odt and .exe attachments will continue to be blocked on pantherLINK email. The functionality of Office365 email attachments will be included with documentation for that project.

Given the severity of a current malicious email virus attack, at 5 p.m. today, Friday, Oct. 11, .zip, .odt and .exe file attachments intended for delivery to your pantherLINK email account will be removed. This includes email sent from non-pantherLINK accounts OR from pantherLISTs.

If a .zip or .exe file attachment has been removed, the pantherLINK account holder will see the following modifications to the email:

Subject Line Modification: **Info Security Alert: Attachment(s) Removed ** (followed by ORIGINAL SUBJECT)

At end of email the following text will be inserted for each attachment removed:

Info Security Alert: A .zip and/or .exe file attachment was removed from this email message. If you have questions, contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or toll-free 414-877-3459.

For more information, visit and click on the Email Virus Alert headline, or contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040; toll-free at 877-381-3459 or use the online form at
Contact Name:      UWM Help Desk
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