Furthering UWM's Vision

"We will be a top-tier research university that is the best place to learn and work for students, faculty and staff, and that is a leading driver for sustainable economic prosperity. We will accomplish this through a commitment to excellence, powerful ideas, community and global engagement, and collaborative partnerships."

Projects & Planning

Capital Projects

UWM currently has 2 anticipated capital projects with an estimated total cost around 10 million dollars. See the project map and table below for project information and locations. Right click and open any image displaying the hand icon in a new tab or window for a larger view.
 Kenwood Campus Projects Map
Project Name
Total Cost Project Status
1. Center for Entrepreneurship & Welcome Center
$7,768,000 Hired Consultant
2. Classroom Projects 13-15
$1,800,000 Hired Consultant

1.  Center for Entrepreneurship & Welcome Center

N Maryland Ave & E Kenwood Blvd

This project will create an iconic "front door" to the UWM main campus in the form of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Welcome Center. This facility will serve as a central catalyst for multi-disciplinary entrepreneurial activities at UWM, while providing a unique student-centric approach. The center aims to bridge the gap between academic and business communities, while securing UWM as a local powerhouse for talent acquisition and development. This project promotes the branding of UWM with innovation and excellence for prospective students, parents, and all campus visitors. In addition, the center will help UWM address recruitment and retention challenges.

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Karen Wolfert (wolfertk@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Continuum Architects + Planners.
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: $7,768,000
  • Square Footage: 20,040 ASF / 28,000 GSF
  • Sources of Funding: $7,768,000 GFSB
  • Status: Hired Consultant
  • Start Design: Spring 2016
  • 35% Review: TBD
  • Bidding: Spring 2017
  • Start Construction: 8/2017
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Substantial Completion: Summer 2019
  • Occupancy: Winter 2019
  • Primary Occupants: Visitors Center and Center for Entrepreneurship
Work Completed Past Month:
  • TBD
Work Planned This Month:
  • TBD

2. Classroom Projects 13-15

Kenwood Campus - Bolton Hall, Cunningham Hall, Lapham Hall, Mitchell Hall

Bolton Hall - Project intent is to reconfigure 4 existing general assignment, non-mediated classrooms and pair them to provide 2 centrally located active learning rooms.
Cunningham Hall - This project will reconfigure an existing general assignment, mediated classroom and upgrade it to provide an active learning classroom.
Lapham Hall - Project provides technology/furnishing upgrades to a room constructed in 1989. It will bring the facilities from Level 3 to 3+ and provide a more conducive learning environment.
Mitchell Hall - This project provides technology/furnishing upgrades to a room last renovated in 1976, bringing facilities from Level 3 to 3+, while also replacing nearly 40 year old seating, providing a more conducive learning environment.

Project Information:
  • UWM Project Manager: Mike Priem (priemm@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Continuum Architects + Planners
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: $1,800,000
  • Sources of Funding: GFSB - $1,650,000
    PRSB - $150,000
  • Status: Hired Consultant
  • Start Planning: January 2015
  • 35% Review: TBD
  • Bidding: TBD
  • Start Construction: Spring 2016
  • Substantial Completion: Summer 2016
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Primary Occupants: General Assignment Classrooms
  • Occupancy: Fall 2016
Work Completed Past Month:
  • A/E Contract Negotiation
Work Planned This Month:
  • TBD

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Capital Planning

2015-17 Capital Budget Plan

2015-17 UWM Capital Budget Integrated Planning Process (4/26/13) 
For a more comprehensive list of information regarding Capital Planning & Budgeting, please visit:

The planning cycle for the 2015-17 Capital Budget launched in Spring 2012. Campus is coordinating with the UW System regarding process guidelines and scheduling. Our prioritized campus planning Issues list was submitted to UW System in June 2013. Issues being addressed include the campus wide space deficit, sub-quality research labs and facilities, and various other inadequacies relating to space needs and classroom sufficiency. Evaluation, refined prioritization, and alternative solutions to Issues were evaluated throughout the Summer and Fall of 2013. The campus Physical Environment Committee (PEC) receives all materials in advance of submissions to UW System.

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All Agency & Performance Contracts (Select Projects)

Building Projects

Art History Gallery Renovation - (14H2P)

Mitchell Hall, 3203 N Downer Ave

$ 658,000
Rinka Chung Architects
This project provides investigation and research, pre-design, and design services to renovate the Mitchell Hall Art Gallery. The Art Gallery infrastructure, interior finishes, and interior configuration will be evaluated to identify deficiencies, develop design solution alternatives, and recommend appropriate corrective measures. The design consultant will evaluate proposals to augment or replace the clean agent fire suppression system used to protect artwork and recommend an appropriate design solution.
Contact Alex Alexopoulos (750-5184; alexalex@uwm.edu) for more information.

Aquaculture Development

Great Lakes Research Facility, 600 E Greenfield Ave

$ 703,000
Avantti Design Group
This project renovates 5,000 square feet of underutilized space in the Great Lakes Research Facility to create a flexible aquaculture training and research laboratory. Project work includes constructing a new partition wall enclosure for the project area and extending mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services into the project area. Contact Alex Alexopoulos (750-5184; alexalex@uwm.edu) for more information.

Engelmann Stadium Scoreboard Replacement - (14L1M)

Engelmann Hall, 2033 East Hartford Ave

Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises
Installation of new structural framing and foundations and a new replacement scoreboard at Moynihan Field at Engelmann Stadium. Contact Alex Alexopoulos (750-5184; alexalex@uwm.edu) for more information.

Exterior Envelope Repairs - (14H2P)

Sandburg Hall, North/South/West Towers, 3400 N Maryland Ave

$ 906,000
James G Otto Architect, LLC
This project repairs the exterior masonry envelope for Sandburg Hall North, South, and West towers to reduce moisture infiltration, allow expansion and contraction of building materials and assemblies, and eliminate life safety issues. Contact Dave Fisher (229-6129; fisherdj@uwm.edu) for more information.

Klotsche Center Fieldhouse Track Replacement Study - (14J2H)

3409 N Downer Ave

$ 55,000
Boer Architects, Inc.
This project investigates the replacement of the indoor fieldhouse sport surface and track system.
Contact Alex Alexopoulos (750-5184; alexalex@uwm.edu) for more information.

Roofing Projects

South Tower Roof Replacement

Sandburg Hall, 3400 N Maryland Ave

Architect/Contractor TBD

This project replaces roof coverings and completes all other associated ancillary work to maintain the building envelope integrity and prevent damage to the building and its contents. Work will include replacing 6,000 square feet of roof covering with a new roofing membrane, which will utilize existing insulation as well as new insulation. The current roof sections are more than 33 years old and require replacement to address current leaking, weathered, worn, and/or damaged sections in order to extend the life of the roof. Contact Dave Fisher (229-6129; fisherdj@uwm.edu) for more information.

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